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Going Big Time!

I made the leap to full-time consulting and freelance work.  I’ve been doing consulting and freelance work for a long time actually but as a sub-contractor.  Now it’s real.  You can hire RanchoBebop directly and we can help you out!

Do you want to start a software project?  Interested in a new technology but not sure where to start or how to integrate it?  Think your development process and application life cycle can be improved?  Want to go have a beer?  Want to go for a run or bike ride?  We can do all that stuff!

We really love software development and want to spread that love around by developing your projects for you or showing you how to develop them.  We can work with alot of technologies.  We can be on-site or remote.  Big projects or small.  Reach out on Twitter and let’s have some fun!  @RanchoBebop

No, you still can’t call client JavaScript from server code.

Well, not directly any way.  I mean, obviously there’s web sockets but that’s an impossible response for the asker of the “how do I call this javascript function from my code-behind?” type of questions we still see littering stack overflow.  I just answered this question asking the same type of thing.

I don’t mean to belittle anybody, especially folks who are just learning and I’m happy to help. I just thought that these types of questions would have stopped by now.